Scientific Journal Impact Factor 3.471
Volume 3, Issue 11, November - 2016

Title: Low Cost Anaerobic Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate
Author: Pooja Majge
Country: India

Title: Optimization of Transportation Problem with Fuzzy Parameters Ranking Method
Author: V. Rajadurai, S. Kumara Ghuru
Country: India

Title: Authentication and Isolation of Cryptographic Services for Cloud Computing
Author: Madhavi Shyamsunder Shinde, Prof. Mirza Moiz Baig
Country: India

Title: An Elaborative Literature of Hierarchical Clustering Methodologies for Dense WSNs
Author: Dr. S. R. Boselin Prabhu
Country: India

Title: University based and Non-University based Physical Education teacher's attitude towards Information Technology in India
Author: Dr. Santosh Kumar Pandey
Country: India

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