Volume 9, Issue 3, March - 2022

Title: Challenges and Approaches of Teaching Language during Pandemic
Author: Lalita Yadav
Country: India

Title: अनौपचारिक क्षेत्र में महिलाओं की शैक्षिक स्थिति का उनके कार्य के प्रकार का अध्ययन
Author: डॉ. नीरजा अहलावत, उमेश
Country: India

Title: To Study the Clinical Signs of Malnutrition in Children Upto Two Years of Age with History of Diarrhoea
Author: Atul Kumar Singh, Dr. Umesh Kumar
Country: India

Title: An Experimental Study to Investigate the Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning (PBL) for Teaching Science at Elementary Level
Author: Dr. Nem Pal Singh, Neha Verma
Country: India

Title: Developing a Research Strategy
Author: Dr. Smita Verma
Country: India

Title: Analysing the Influence of Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Retail Sector
Author: Dr. Tarun Singh Gangwar
Country: India

Title: जैनेन्द्र के उपन्यासों में भारतीय तथा पाश्च्चात्य संस्कृति संक्रमण
Author: डॉ. विनय कुमार
Country: India

Title: Role of Yoga in Severe Psychological Diseases: A Narrative Review
Author: Dr. Naveen Kumar
Country: India

Title: A Descriptive Study on Benefits of E-Recruitment with Reference to IT Firms Working in Nagpur City
Author: Dr. Suhas B. Diwate
Country: India

Title: Immunity Boosting and Physical Fitness in COVID-19
Author: Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Country: India

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