Volume 2, Issue 4, April - 2015

Title: Detection of Object Scene and Motion in a Smartphone Application for Visually Impaired Users
Author: Bhagyashree K, Bhagyashri D, Chaitali S, Mahesh W
Country: India

Title: Mothers' Breastfeeding Practices and Nutritional Status in the Slums of Bangladesh: A Study Based on Khulna City
Author: Rezwan Mahmood, Sharif Md. Essa, Tahomina Jahan
Country: Bangladesh

Title: Effect of Methanolic Extract of Adenopus Breviflorus on Selected Tissues in Abino Rats
Author: Onikanni S.A, Ajiboye B.O, Ojo O.A, Oyedeji O, Onasanya A
Country: Nigeria

Title: Circular Bow Tie Quasi Self Complimentary Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications
Author: M. S. Narlawar, Dr.S.L.Badjate
Country: India

Title: Role of Sales Promotional Activities & Its Impact on Sales at Distinct Cellular Service Providers in KOLHAPUR City
Author: Poonam Avinash Bagal,Vikas Itekari
Country: India

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